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Veterans are more likely than everyday civilians to experience homelessness. Like the general homeless population, veterans are at a significantly increased risk of homelessness if they have low socioeconomic status, a mental health disorder, and/or a history of substance abuse. Yet, because of veterans’ military service, this population is at higher risk of experiencing traumatic brain injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.), both of which have been found to be among the most substantial risk factors for homelessness.  Among the recent Iraq and Afghanistan cohort of veterans—who are more frequently female than their older counterparts—an experience of sexual trauma while serving in the military greatly increases the risk of homelessness. Additionally, veterans often experience difficulty returning to civilian life, particularly those without strong social support networks, and may not have skills that can be easily transferred to employment outside of the military. Veterans face the same shortage of affordable housing options and living wage jobs as all Americans, and these factors—combined with the increased likelihood that veterans will exhibit symptoms of PTSD, substance abuse, or mental illness—can compound to put veterans at a greater risk of homelessness than the general population.

This is where A Home 4 Hero's comes in!
By building tiny homes and allowing our HEROS to have a place of thier own, we can help them accomplish a transition back into our communities.
Our houses offer a safety net which allows time for healing through counseling and reflection. We hope that every veteran can become a valuable  member of society through love and honor.