A Home 4 Hero's is proud to be working on a new project for a very deserving Veteran.

John Geary is a Vietnam Veteran who served his country proudly! He was drafted in 1965 and stationed in Germany as a Lab Tech. His stories of that period would fascinate anyone who would care to take the time to listen. John will sit and pet his dog and best friend Lexi all while telling you stories of the Irish and others who came to this country with nothing but the shirt on their backs. Their is a profound love between John and Lexi, a border collie John saved during an attack by another dog over 15 years ago.
Lexi was purchased as a puppy by a family who lived across the street from John. While only a small pup Lexi was attacked by another dog who was owned by this family. John came to the rescue of Lexi and saved the poor pup from almost certain death. The father of the family took lexi to the Vet and spent over a $1000.00 on her in order to save her. When she returned home she went straight to John’s house and would not stay home any longer. Every time she would get a chance she would run back to John’s house for refuge. The neighbor, seeing what was happening eventually gave Lexi to John and they have been inseparable ever since.....Fast forward...

In July of this year (2017) the city of Rockwood Tn. after several try's to help John had to condemned John's house. John was left homeless and he and his dog began to wander the streets of Rockwood. Concerned citizens who had become familiar with John and his dog Lexi began to wonder why he was sleeping on benches and noticed he was going inside local businesses and staying longer than usual. (Due to the heat outside)
John is 77 years old and seems to be in good health but the summer heat can be a threat to anyone, no matter the age!
A Home 4 Hero's was contacted by a local resident who had seen an article that had been done on us by Channel 6 news and we received an urgent message from this lady about this situation.
 When we first heard of John's situation we went to Rockwood to check on him and found that the VA had put John up in a local motel in town. We arrived to find the parking lot of the motel empty of any vehicles and at first thought it to be closed down. After several messages to others who had become involved we were able to locate John in his room.
Lexi was first to the door, making sure that we were not a threat to John. At first John was a little quiet and seemed to be uninterested in having strangers visit him. That soon changed! He began to tell us his story of being from New York and how he came to be in Rockwood. John's mother had moved here many years ago and after her health started to fail he moved here to be with her. John loved Rockwood so much that after her demise he decided to stay on.
John is not a sedentary man. He and Lexi are known all over Rockwood and people just love him and his dog.
This is a true story of the love between a man and his canine companion.
John needs a home and we at A Home 4 Hero's are prepared to give him one free and clear. We will need legal help in order to reclaim John's property and set up a payment for back taxes.
We need your help to ensure that John and Lexi stay together and have a safe place to call home!

This is a call to action to every American in this region who can help us with this. Please don't read this and think "Well someone will help!" We are that someone! Each and every one of us can do a small part by donating to this project. Most people don't have $10,000.00 at their disposal but most every one of us can give something and together we can get John and Lexi the home they deserve.

“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.” 
― Abraham Lincoln



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