Theres no telling just where you might see him but when you do he'll most likly be running, or you might find him at a local Church teaching a group of men, women and children self defense! No matter where you see him, he will have a big ol' smile on his face and sooner or later he will tell you about his relationship with God!

Lee Sexton is not your average runner! Lee has a remarkable ability to run further than most people feel comfortable driving.

40 miles...that's how far Lee will be running on August 11 in an effort to show his support and love for our United States Veterans! 

Quote from Lee Sexton. 

"God introduced me to Trudy Smith that told me about how the community was coming together to help a local veteran, and she and I had held events to help the community in the past. I have  been a local gym owner and currently teach a fitness class and self defense class at Emory Heights Church in Harriman. God has blessed me as a personal trainer and as part of being a fitness trainer I use my abilities to give back to our community. I will be  doing a 40 mile run on Friday August 11th you can donate ten cents per mile, fifty cents per mile or any amount would be appreciated. Donations can be made on Willie Franklin's website."

"God has blessed me to be able to run long distance and I want to give God all the glory in my life."

To make a donation just decide how much per mile you would like to contribute and multiply that by 40 then click on the donate button below and show your support for Lee and our disabled Veterans all across Tennessee.